Introduction of IIR New Publications

Advances in the Refrigeration Systems, Food Technologies and Cold Chain
This book is proceedings of the joint committee meeting of B2 (refrigerating machine), C2 (science and technology of food), D1 (cold storage and other refrigerating equipment), D2/3 (low-temperature transportation) that was held in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria on September 23-26, 1998.
96 papers (91 English papers, 5 French papers), 700 pages, Price: 8,500 + shipping charge \520
Key topics:
- CFC alternatives, refrigeration system, heat pump
- Natural working fluids and their efficiency
- Heat transfer in the refrigeration of food
- New technology and improvements of food processing and storage
- Quality retention period, safety and quality
- Cold chain: analysis of equipment and control

Permafrost and Actions of Natural or Artificial Cooling
This book is a proceeding of a joint committee meeting of B1 (thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer), C1 (low temperature biology, application of low temperature to medicine, freeze-dry), C2 (science and technology of food) that was held in Orsay, France on 21- 23 October, 1998.
37 papers (28 English papers and 9 French papers), 296 pages, Price: \6,500 + shipping charge \380
Key topics
- Action of freeze dispersion medium
- Process, physical characteristics and measurement
- Physical or mathematical model
- Permafrost, ingredients, global warming
- Research and technology of ecosystem and low temperature biology
- Planetology

Regenerative Thermal Machines (Stirling and Vuilleumier Cycles Machines) for Heating and Cooling
Editor and Author: Masumi KAKAWA (Assistant Professor, Mechanical System Department, National Defense Academy)
iLanguage: English, 214 pages, Price: \6,600 + shipping charge \380j
Among many books published by IIR, this is the first to be compiled in a book by Japanese, and is written in English. The term of regenerative thermal machine is not yet commonplace, but is concerned with cooling and heating equipment and refrigerating machine utilizing Stirling and Vuilleumier cycles machines.

Recommendations for Chilled Storage of Perishable Produce
This book explains about the chilled distribution that is becoming a major player of distribution also in Japan.
There are 11 topics such as definition of chilled storage, quality of chilled food, technology chilled storage, modelling, fruit and vegetable, stock farm products, dairy products, preheated products, cut flowers, seeds. Each chapter is written in English and French. Companion book to "Recommendations for Freezed Storage" (Translated by Prof. Toshiro KATO) published 10 years ago
4th edition published in December, 2000, English and French, 220 pages, Price: \4,800 + shipping charge \380

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