Introduction of
Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers

What is JSRAE?

The Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, JSRAE, was founded as the Japanese Association of Refrigeration, JAR, in 1925 in order to develop and disseminate refrigerating and freezing technology and related scientific technologies. Since then it has served nearly 80 years as a non-profit academic organization in a field of refrigeration, air conditioning, food refrigeration and related science and technology in Japan.
In order to achieve its goals, JSRAE covers a wide range of activities including:
  1. Survey, research, education and training, awards and certificate recognition for entitled engineers and scientists
  2. Organization of annual JSRAE meeting, roundtable conferences, training short courses and workshops, technical visits and other events.
  3. Publication of monthly journal "Reito"(refrigeration), Transactions of JSRAE and various books, textbooks, and handbooks.
  4. Liaison with the International Institute of Refrigeration, IIR.
  5. Implementation of correspondence education system.
  6. Other miscellaneous activities essential to fulfil the objectives.
Today JSRAE consists of about 6,000 individual members and about 460 corporate members, and is active with an aim to promote the science and technology, in a field of refrigeration, air conditioning, food refrigeration and others.

History of JSRAE

1925 Establishment of the Japanese Association of Refrigeration, JAR, was approved.
1930 Approved as an incorporated association by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.
1937 Japanese Research Committee for the International Institute of Refrigeration, IIR, started (served as contacts in Japan).
1956 Refrigeration Professional Engineer System startedichanged to Refrigeration Engineer in 1957, further to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer in 1962).
1962 Monthly Journal "Reitou Kuchou Gijutsu" (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology) launched imerged with "Reito" (Refrigeration) in 1984).
1966 Food Refrigeration Engineer System started.
1972 The 1st Academic Lecture Meeting started.
1973 JAR Award System started. The 1st Academic Award presented.
1978 Participation to ASHRAE as an International Associate.
1980 The 1st JAR Technology Award presented
1984 "Transactions of JSRAE" launched.
1990 Correspondence education system "Beginners' Course on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning" started.
1997 Institutional name was changed to the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, JSRAE.
1. First-Category Membership 460 corporate members (4 different levels: A, B, C, Dj
2. Second-Category Membership 6,000 individual members
3. Student Membership
4. Supporting members and related organizations

Admission Fee and Membership Fee
Admission Fee \1,500
Fist-Category Member iCorporate Memberj Annual Fee Level A \288,000
Level B \144,000
Level C \87,000
Level D \43,500
Second-Category Member iIndividual memberj Annual Fee \9,600
Student Member Admission Fee \0
Annual Fee \4,800
JSRAE Transaction Subscription Fee Member \8,400
Non-member \12,600
Membership more than 40 years has privilege of exemption from membership fee. Please contact us for details

Benefits of Membership
Free subscription of monthly journal "Refrigeration" that contains the latest information about science and technology.
"Transactions of the JSRAE" that is full of academic research achievements and reviews can be purchased at a member price.
JSRAE publication is also purchased at a member price.
Participation to various events at member prices.
Participation, presentation and discussion at JSRAE academic lecture meetings.
Access to books at JSRAE library (journals, books and various publications by related national and international organizations.

Application for Admission
Please contact JSRAE office by telephone or send your application for admission by FAX or E-mail. A guidebook for admission will be sent to you. You can also use Application for Admission (click here)

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