2010 JSRAE Annual Conference

Kanazawa, Japan, September 14-18, 2010



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by May 31, 2010.

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0 General Session
Organized Session
1  Technological Development in Heat Exchangers
2  Present Status and Future Development of Compressors
3  Low Temperature Technology for Food and Biology
4  Various Phenomena and Applied Technology of Frost, Snow and Ice
5  Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena with Solid-Liquid Phase Change
6  Desiccant, Humidity Control and Open Cycle
7  Elemental and System Technologies for CO2 Refrigerant Heat-Pumps
8  Refrigeration and Heat Pump Cycle driven with Sorption or Chemical Reaction
9  Thermophysical Properties of Next Generation Refrigerants
10  Next Generation Refrigeration System
11  Heat Island and Refrigerating Air Conditioning System
12  Absorption Type Refrigerator and Heat Pump

Only in the case of the rejection, it will be noticed before July 18, 2010.