Research Committee for Next-Generation Refrigerants
@@@@@@@@@ (From June 2018 to March 2023)

Purpose of the research committee
JSRAE has been entrusted 2018 NEDO research project " Development of Technology and Assessment Techniques for Next-Generation Refrigerants with Low GWP Value / Research on Safety / Risk evaluation related to Next-Generation Refrigerants" (Research project) and established this research committee to carry out the project.
The purpose of this research project is to efficiently link the results of data acquisition and evaluation on fundamental characteristics of next-generation refrigerants and development of safety / risk evaluation methods for next-generation refrigerants, which are being promoted in the NEDO R & D project " Development of Technology and Assessment Techniques for Next-Generation Refrigerants with Low GWP Value", to international standardization.
Specifically, this research committee extracts problems across each R & D item in the NEDO R & D project. Then, we will research the methods related to the fundamental characteristics evaluation of next-generation refrigerants, the early development / optimization / performance evaluation of energy-saving refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment using them, and safety / risk assessment related to application of next-generation refrigerants.
@* NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Composition of research committee

  Chairman: Prof. Norihiro Inoue (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Research committee composition

EWG I: Fundamental characteristics and performance evaluation of next-generation refrigerants
EWGU: Safety and risk assessment of next-generation refrigerants
EWGV: Research of regulations / standards for next-generation refrigerants
EWGW: Evaluation method for performance of Air-Conditioning equipment (2021` )

Final Report (March 2023) @@* Inclides introduction and parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Progress Report 2020 @@* The English translation editions of the Introduction, Parts 1 and 3 will not be released.

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